A bug...Staying Healthy during Cold Season

02/07/2011 20:15

 A bug…

So everyone’s had this bug – at least everyone in my family has had it.

Every time I get a cold, I vow to really re-examine my diet, my breathing, my practice, my overall attitude to see where I can make changes so that the next bug doesn’t affect me quite as much.

Now, I say this with a smile because there’s always something that can be tweaked a bit here and there and then ‘life happens’ and some good intentions go out the window.

BUT, I figure if I make small changes and continue to adjust, then I’ll have learned a heck of a lot by the time this is all over AND I may have kept myself out of the way of at least a couple of bugs, right?! It’s all yoga…

In this month’s issue of Natural Health magazine, there’s an article titled “Secrets of People who Never get Sick.” I like the sound of that! There are 10 suggestions on the list, and I’ve decided to focus on 2: 1) Stress less. You knew there’d be a tie back to yoga class, right?! Seriously, though, the article says exercise helps (duh). Stress affects the nervous system and your immune system and according to the article, if increases your risks of bacterial infections as well. Other ways to keep stress at bay? Laughing. Yep, laughing. And breathing. Deep breathing. Filling your lungs and letting the breath really flow. So – laugh, breath, yoga. I can do that.

And 2) Take more naps. When is the last time you did that? When’s the last time you were really drowsy, but opted for a coffee or soda instead of a 10-minute snooze? “Sleep deprivation has the same biological effect as stress: Overtired bodies ratchet up production of the hormone cortisol, which gives you energy but restricts production of human growth hormone, limiting your body’s ability to repair itself. Just like stress, sleep loss has a degenerative effect on your health, and a lack of sleep is also tied to compromised immune function.” Caffeine takes 20 minutes to get into your system and take effect, so if you drink a cup of coffee before your short nap, you will wake up more energized.  You can have your cake and eat it too. J

Here’s to your Health in 2011.

See you in class soon!