Teacher Training A-ha's Weekend 2

08/09/2011 15:13


What key new things did the Teacher Training students pick up at our most recent session?


 Tips in mirroring – i.e., using someone’s wedding ring as a guide to right/left. Or your own jewelry placement.


Pulling ball of big toe forward in Paschimotonasana.

 Using variations in Triangle pose when students seem to be moving too fast, creating more mindfulness.

 Moving from Chatarunga to cobra or updog without resting belly on floor. (and how to guide students to build more strength here!)

 Observe from feet up before assisting a student.

 Assisting in childs pose, being pressed toward me and not pressing down, which makes more sense


Another a-ha was when in downdog I was told to stay active through my biceps and to open the shoulders more.


We had another wonderful weekend learning about assisting in yoga postures and sequencing using vinyasa krama. :)