Yoga Teacher Training, Weekend 1 "A-ha's"

06/30/2011 10:30


Find Your Voice Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 1 “A-ha's”


SO ….what did we do? What cool things did we learn?


We had a great weekend at Teacher Training! One of the favors I asked of the students was to share some “A-ha's” they had from the weekend. I also 'warned' them that I'd be asking them this favor every weekend. :)


So, I'll go first. One of my “A-ha's” was how cool it is to lead this diverse group of trainees and to see and hear what each was getting from the sessions. Also, how I need to build up my stamina for talking ALL weekend. :)


What our Trainees had to say:


My 'A-ha' has been in the fact that I feel as if I understand how yoga is a blueprint for living the best life we can, specifically, how I can. It encompasses so many of the principles that I hold, and want to hold:

Good nutrition

Good exercise

Good morals: truthfulness, integrity, non-violence, etc.

Strong spirituality

Service work


Although I've been introduced to the 8 limbs before, I found an overwhelming sense of understanding (and the feeling there is so much yet to understand) and find it comforting to be surrounded by the other individuals with the same desire to live this way.


Thanks for a great 1st Module!”



Studying yoga, the history of it and what it has evolved into today, made me realize that my current mind set is geared towards a yoga 'lifestyle'. However, there are many aspects that should be tweaked or fine-tuned for me. There is one thing in particular that I really need to work and improve and I feel my yoga practice will really assist me in this journey.


Thanks for an excellent weekend!”


After only practicing yoga for a short time, I was surprised at how well I adapted to the class and the poses. Along with my walking exercises, I've lost 3 pounds.”


Using a blanket or pillow to relax the inner thighs in Baddha Konasana.”


Feeling energy movement in my hands.”




Thanks to you all for an awesome weekend! I'm looking forward to Module 2 and the Entire training!