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Find Your Voice Yoga Teacher Training is about learning how to teach yoga postures safely and effectively, but also at a deeper level, to start finding your unique voice in teaching yoga…your strengths and innate talents. I believe everyone has their own style in teaching yoga, it’s just a matter of finding it and expressing it.


Yoga is an exceptional way to feel more in-tune with your body and mind and it can be a life-long activity – a gift to yourself.


We will discuss, practice, write and read about techniques used to teach vinyasa-style yoga. We will cover a range of topics including teaching methodologies, anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy and more.

Along with in-class discussions, there is a message board to ask questions of me and your classmates between sessions. I will also be available by email and phone to answer your questions.


Why Sign Up with "Find Your Voice"?

  • Yoga is increasingly popular and many teachers become specialists in their area of interest - anything from Vinyasa to Pre-Natal to Kids Yoga - and having your RYT 200 is your best place to learn the foundations of teaching yoga.
  • "Find Your Voice" is all about that...finding your own voice in teaching or where ever yoga takes you. This training will teach you the basics as well as give you tools to continue exploring finding your own voice, your own interests and your own strengths.
  • The training is local...all training being done in Apollo Beach!
  • The time committment is doable. In one week-end a month as a group for 7 months, you'll be able to complete your hours of training and submit them for your RYT designation with Yoga Alliance.
  • We are reasonably priced and have flexible payment options. Just as we do for our regular classes, we make every effort to keep costs within reach of more people!
  • A gift for yourself. We all do so much for others, this is an opportunity for you to really deepen your practice, become a yoga teacher, tune in to you.

Registration is closed for 2011's session, but here are more details about training for our next session.


Please contact Julie at 813-422-2336 or info@abeachyoga.com for more information or to register for our next session.


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