09/15/2011 14:22



So, in another few weeks, I will turn 40. The big 4 – 0. There, I said it, I have revealed my age. (If you ask nicely, I might tell you how much I weigh too...maybe.)


I have no problem doing this. In fact, I think we should be proud of our age, not embarrassed by it. This year and every year, I am grateful for the additional year I have experienced here.


A bit of a strange perspective perhaps, in this 'youth-crazed' society, where people are busy trying to hide their age. But hey, I've been called strange before and will probably be called strange again in the next 40 years – or maybe within the next 40 minutes! I'm okay with that.


So, back to this age thing. In the past year, young people I know have been diagnosed with serious, life-threatening diseases. We aren't talking a 'bout of the the flu' here, we're talking truly serious stuff. And you know what? They aren't even 40 yet (one of them isn't even 5 yet)! These people have kids the same age as mine, they are taking care of themselves, living full lives and then bam...something crazy shows up in their lives. Why?


So, this year on your birthday and every day, be grateful, be happy, celebrate where you are! Light up that cake with all the candles it will hold! Chances are you've worked hard, seen some things and are ready to keep right on going. Thank your stars above that you are here to celebrate with your health, your friends & family and yourself.


Deep breath in, deep breath out.