Fruits of Your Labor

09/06/2011 10:23

Labor Day is one of those holidays I take for granted, mostly. For our family, it's a great 3-day weekend to spend together having fun swimming and barbequing. It marks the end of summer – sorta – since school started 2 weeks ago and it's still 90+ degrees here in Florida. So, I guess symbolically it marks summer's end if nothing else!


But what about your yoga practice (you knew I'd get to that, right!?)? No, I'm not reminding you to get back to class (should I?)! What I am asking you to do is to take a moment to acknowledge the fruits of your yoga practice. Maybe you have committed yourself to coming a few days a week, maybe you have started a meditation or breathing practice at home, or lost a few pounds, or noticed some extra muscles that weren't there before. Maybe you've stopped yourself in a moment of stress and remembered your practice! Acknowledge that! Give yourself a pat on the back for that!


In truth, this yoga thing is about what you take with you when you leave the yoga class. Whether it's an awareness of your breath, an increased feeling of ease in your everyday movements or an greater union of your mind and body overall, there is something that yoga has done for you. And it couldn't have done it if you weren't showing up for your practice! So – you must be doing something right. :))


In our society, it is easy and common to remind ourselves always of what we have not yet done. Of what we have not yet accomplished. Change it up this September and this Labor Day week...Acknowledge what you have done!


Good Work!